Mr. S R Shyam Sunder

May 12, 2009

The Mint Homes management as well as its ever smiling and courteous staff are a rare species to come across in the rather slippery terrain of real estate business in India. From day one, when I went to meet the concerned marketing manager, along with the specifications for an apartment which my son wanted to purchase, my experience with Mint Homes has always been very pleasant and productive. When I recollect all my interactions with Mint Homes, the one thing which stands out is their professionalism in management as well as in technical matters.

The chief of the company Raj appears to have thoroughly trained all his associates in the company to approach everything, whether it is a major project or a minor problem in a professional manner, with an eye for the details. Whether it is the exterior or the interior architectural details for the buildings and apartments or whether it is the legal and commercial terms in the contract – nothing is left vague; every detail is discussed with the client and clearly defined in writing so that there are no ambiguities in the future. This puts the client at ease. I should particularly thank Ms. Shalini, the Customer Relations Manager and Ms. Rajalakshmi, the site architect who have been very helpful in solving any issues that might arise from time to time.

Come and visit our projects, meet our associates and experience the difference for yourself!

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